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Project List
Aug 2017      Maury High School project completed                                                                 VA
Aug 2017      Plantation Estates project completion                                                                  NC
Aug 2017      Poole Family YMCA Construction Administration                                                NC
Aug 2017      Durham City Center Project Construction Administration                                    NC
July 2017      Tucker Training Pool Ft. Bragg Restart                                                                NC
July 2017      Maury High School                                                                                               VA
June 2017     Little Otter Training Pool Assessment                                                                 NC
June 2017     Private Residence Assessment and Forensics                                                   NC
May 2017      Silicon Carbide Filtration Pilot Program                                                               NC
Apr 2017       Bishop State Natatorium Facility Assessment                                                      AL
Mar 2017      Auburn University Assessment                                                                             AL
Mar 2017      A&T University Assessment                                                                                 NC
Feb 2017      Jackson Memorial Rehabilitation Hospital Design                                                FL
Feb 2017      Warren Wilson College Design                                                                             NC
Jan 2017       Maury High School Natatorium renovation design                                               VA
Jan 2017       Croasdaile Senior Assisted Living Center Design                                               NC
Oct 2016       Maury High School Natatorium Assessment                                                       VA
Sept 2016     Arcadia Outdoor Pool Assessment                                                                      NC
Apr 2016       Poole Family YMCA                                                                                             NC
Mar 2016      Senior Assisted Living Center Construction Administration                                 NC 
Mar 2016      Tucker Training Pool Ft. Bragg                                                                            NC
Feb 2016       Deerfield Estates Senior Assisted Living Center Assessment                            NC
Feb 2016       Taylor YMCA Design and Construction Administration
                                  for a two pool indoor pool addition                                                          NC
Jan 2016       Wilcox County Public Pool assessment and budgeting                                      AL
Jan 2016      UNC Charlotte Health and Wellness Facility as a [email protected] Risk                             NC
Nov 2015      Phase III Watson Activity Center Recreation and Exercise pools                       VA
Aug 2015      South Gaston YMCA Design and Construction Administration                          NC
June 2015    James B. Hailey VA Hospital Polytrauma Unit Tampa Started 2011
                                   completed in 2015                                                                                 FL
Apr 2015      Assessment of Health Problems Senior Assisted Living Center                         NC
                                   Facility’s name withheld by request
Mar 2015      Phase II Watson Activity Center Recreation and Exercise pools                        VA
Feb 2015      Hilton Double Tree Resort Aquatic Venue Renovation                                       VA
Jan 2015      Windsor Run Senior Assisted Living Center Design and 
                                   Construction Administration                                                                  NC
Jan 2015      Plantation Estates Senior Assisted new Clubhouse Design 
                                    and Construction Administration                                                           NC
Dec 2014     Assessment and technical support for 4th floor pool renovation                          NC
                                    Owner’s name withheld by request
Oct 2014      Pool and natatorium assessment Radford University                                          VA
Sept 2014    Durham City Center outdoor pools on the 28th floor                                            NC
Aug 2014     Support documents and inspections for pool changes    
                                     Owner's name withheld by request                                                     NC
Apr 2014      Assessment roof top private residential pool                                      
                                     Owner’s name withheld by request                                                      TN
Apr 2014      Rockingham Sr. High School post construction gutter assessment                     NC
Apr 2014      Harrington Therapy Pool                                                                                     GA
Mar 2014      Radbourne Home Owner’s Association Pool Assessment                                 NC
Feb 2014      Arlington Woods Home Owner’s Association Pool Assessment                         NC
Jan 2014     The Lofts Apartment pool                                                                                     NC
Jan 2014      Penn State University Altoona pool renovation                                                   PA
Dec 2013     Hale YMCA Putnam                                                                                             CT
Dec 2013     Ocean Place Resort and Spa                                                                               NJ
Oct 2013      Watson Activity Center Assessment                                                                    VA
Oct 2013      Warren Wilson College Assessment                                                                   NC
Sept 2013    Town of Wake Forest Assessment, Bid Documents 
                                       and Construction Administration                                                       NC
Aug 2013     Holiday Inn High Rise Hotel Assessment                                                             NC
July 2013      Somerby Therapy Pool                                                                                         FL
Mar 2013      Warren Wilson College Feasibility Study                                                             NC
Dec 2012      Warren Wilson College Assessment                                                                   NC
Nov 2012     The Salvation Army Camp Walter Johnson                                                         NC
June 2012    Grimsley High School Natatorium Assessment                                                   NC
June 2012    Camp Young Facility Assessment Norfolk Public Schools  `                               VA
May 2012     Arbor Acres Senior Assisted Wellness Center                                                    NC
April 2012     Queens University Peer Review and Construction Administration                      NC
Mar 2012     Ft. Bragg Green Ramp Pool procurement support                                              NC
Mar 2012     Ft. Bragg Twin Lions and Atchley Pools design review and CA                          NC
Feb 2012     Ft. Bragg Tolson Pool Design/CA                                                                        NC